European Energy Network (EnR)

ENEA participates in the European Energy Network (EnR), a network of European organisations, preparing and running research, development, demonstration and dissemination programmes in the sectors of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The network is characterised by high flexibility, in terms of actions open to the participation of all member countries and bilateral collaborations.

The EnR seeks to be an informal communication network providing an initial contact in member countries and a channel of pan-European technical support for European institutions, primarily the European Commission, for the definition of policies, strategies and programmes in the energy sector.

Projects drawn up within sectorial working groups include “Monitoring tools for energy efficiency trends in Europe: the ODYSSEE and MURE projects”, which relates to the development and spread of an information system for monitoring and comparing, by means of sectorial energy indicators, the energy efficiency of member States.

Enterprise Europe Networks (EEN)

As from 1 April 2008 ENEA participates in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) FRIEND Europe for the Triveneto regions and B.R.I.D.G.€conomies for the southern Italy regions.

EENs, created as part of the CIP Entrepreneurship and innovation programme, have replaced Innovation Relay Centres and Euro Info Centres, with the intention of creating a sort of combined office for competitiveness and innovation in favour mainly of European SMEs inside and outside the EU.

Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Conservation (MEDENER)

MEDENER is the association of energy and environmental agencies of Mediterranean countries, the EU and the southern Mediterranean region whose main aim is to contribute towards the development of regional partnerships in the spheres of energy efficiency, the development of renewable energies and environmental protection relating to the use of energy. ENEA joined MEDENER in 1999, and in June 2007 took over as president for the period 2007-2008.


ENEA has represented Italy for over a decade in TAFTIE (The Association For Technology Implementation In Europe), the European association bringing together leading national innovation agencies.

TAFTIE helps to boost Europe’s economic performance by supporting the innovation of products, processes and services through the implementation of national and international research, development and innovation programmes.